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May 12, 2023


When getting professional photos done, a lot goes into place, including large monetary investments to ensure you get the best service and quality products. When downloading your photos, the future of those files and how they get displayed is now in your hands. Your photographer should tell you or at least give you some guidance on the download process for you to make sure the files retain the quality and crispness when displayed on your walls or social media posts.

Trust me, it might be tempting to just screenshot the image from your photographer’s gallery but this is NOT the best way to get your money’s worth, why would you have spent this much for the product to end up being low quality after all?

A few steps can make sure you don’t deal with this problem, such as;

  • When downloading your images for printing or ordering any art work online, use a computer device for the the entire process. Download the High Resolution files to your computer (It’s best to download the entire gallery at once and save it to a safe folder in case you lose access to your online gallery) and use the same device when ordering your art work. This helps maintain the size of your files so there will be no compression when uploading them to your online lab option.
  • If you’re planning on just sharing the images on social media, using it for your phone wallpaper or sharing on the family group on WhatsApp, download the Web Size files.
  • DON’T SCREENSHOT! I can’t stress this one enough, not only you lose all the value and investment you just made for professional quality work but it can also be considered illegal in some states, if you end up accidentally screenshotting a photo that was not yet paid for or included in your photography package, this can be considered theft of intellectual property.
  • Ask your photographer. If you’re concerned you might do it wrong or is just not familiar with your photographer’s gallery provider, they most likely are! Ask them, they’re here to ensure you receive the best quality product and will be prompt to help you!


The tips above are applicable to most gallery’s but specifically to Pic-Time, which is what I have been using for years. I find it amazing to navigate and super easy to set up any automation and emails, it also has its own marketing tool and the interface is gorgeous and easy to navigate for my clients.

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