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December 19, 2022


Photographers depend a lot on word of mouth to be able grow in a community, wherever this may be. As small business owners, we dedicate so much time and effort into creating something meaningful and special for your family, or making sure everything goes as planned and everything gets captured on your wedding day. If you had a photography session or hired a photographer for an event and you’d like to share the love because you had a great experience, stay with me and I will help you write the best review of all!

When you’re making a decision about a purchase, have you ever looked at the reviews? I have, every-single-time! And so has 84% of people who said they trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends. 75% of people online trust a business after seeing a positive review.

This is a very big number for only a small gesture of appreciation. Reviewing your photographer helps future clients get to know more about the experience they will be having and the product they will be receiving, helping them make that final decision. But don’t forget to be truthful and honest on your review, reviews are rather personal and every client experience is different, so they may not always look the same.

You can use the following topics as reference or prompts!

• Did you have a fun time at your session?

• How was the communication between you and your photographer during the process?

• How did the photographer handle unexpected situations, if any?

• Did you like the final product you received?

• Were any concerns you might have had, addressed in a satisfactory way?

• How would you rate your overall experience?

• Would you recommend us to your family and friends?

If you had a great time and would like to contribute to your photographer’s business growth, you can use the sentences above as some tips of what to talk about. You’re welcome to include any other information that you considerer relevant. I hope this helps you build your personal amazing review to your photographer! I’m sure she/he/they will be very grateful and you might even receive a discount the next time you book with them!

I for example offer a 10% discount for ALL my returning clients, and also have a referral program where my clients receive 25% OFF their next session, when their family or friends book a session being referred by them!

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